From Swimmer to Coach


When I started synchro back in 1995 I will admit I wasn’t very good and thought how on earth am I going to keep this up, but with support from my friends I kept it up. I found it such a challenge but still enjoyed it! I kept it up and by May 1996, I had passed grade 2, so I was chuffed!

In 2000, I was put in the team (big step for me as we only had one team back then!) so I was excited but also very nervous. Then in 2001, I won my first ever gold medal in the duet section! A lot of my friends didn’t realise (and still don’t now) how hard synchro really is until they came to see me.

From there, I progressed fairly well swimming in duets and teams, we did solos back then too! I found I really had a passion for it and dedicated myself to the club. I have been voted team captain 5 times and I supported the team in every way I could.

Then, in 2014, I decided it was time to give up the swimming and stayed on to coach. After winning a silver medal in masters and the gold in group 3 club competition, I went out on a high!

Since then, I’ve found myself loving synchro even more, coaching the 12 and under duet in 2015, the 12 and under team and 13/14 duet in 2016 – both winning medals!

Passing on my experience to the girls while also making up the routines is brill. I can see it now from both a swimmer’s and a coach’s point of view which makes such a big difference. It’s such a great feeling when I see my girls swim their hearts out and put everything into the routines!

Keep up the hard work girls! You’re all fab, you all make us coaches very proud.

I can’t wait for next year and to create the new routines!