Our Voluteers

Without our fantastic volunteers, nothing we do at Green Arrows would be possible. Here are some of the people you should make yourself familiar with!



Sylvie Warhurst – Child Welfare Officer

If you have any problems or concerns, go straight to Sylvie. She is always happy to help. You can catch her at training sessions – on poolside.



LivOlivia Shelton – Head Coach

Livvy is in charge of planning and running the sessions every week. If you have any questions regarding the sessions or have any competition related queries please come ask. Livvy can be found on poolside or contacted directly: livshelton84@gmail.com







Suzanne Gratton-Fisher – Club Secretary

Suzanne takes care of all the important behind the scenes details such as club admin and membership and is often on poolside or up on the balcony. Suzanne is always happy to help and advise with anything you need – If Suzanne doesnt know she will find out for you.

Sam Armstrong  РChairman, Team Manager

Sam is our club chair person, so makes sure our committee meetings run smoothly. Sam is always happy to help in anyway she can. She is also one of our regular coaches and looks after the 13-18 team and our Team Manager at competitions.